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Spirit God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) Truth


There will be a 5th Sunday Meeting at Mt. Pisgah in Sylvester on Evergreen Road. Elder James Smith will be preaching. Services start at 11:00 AM

Cedar Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Warwick will be having their Fall Meeting on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after the first Sunday in November. (November 9, 10, 11) Elder Dwight Marshall will be preaching on Wednesday night. Elder Walter Todd will be preaching on Thursday night. Elder John Scott will be preaching on Friday night. Services begin at 7:00 each night.

Special Meeting coming in November at Providence!

Join us at Providence Primitive Baptist Church the 3rd weekend in November. On Saturday, we will be blessed to have with us Elder Jerry Lightsey from Big Creek Church, near Baxley, Ga. We will have a great day of preaching, singing, and fellowship. Lunch is being provided by the Mike and Karen Roberts family, come and enjoy.
All are invited, so come worship with us.

Prosperity Union Hill Providence


Union Hill

Who are Primitive Baptists? Primitive means "original". The Primitive Baptist is a person seeking to be a follower of the principles of original "baptists" ideals. Since John the Baptist was the first, or original "Baptist", we must begin with him as an introduction that leads into the order of Christian churches established by the Apostles. This website is dedicated to that search and those content to worship God in the manner those principles dictate.

Traveling with Daddy

Traveling with Daddy
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Welcome to The Primitive Baptist Web Page. It is dedicated to the three churches I serve, the Primitive Baptist people in general, and to anyone seeking to know more about the principles and practices of those worshiping in the simplicity that is Christ. (2Cor 11:3) As anyone can readily see, there are many Jesus' preached with as many gospels that are obviously motivated by different spirits. (2Cor 11:4). You will also find that there are several groups calling themselves "Primitive Baptist". In today's religious environment, it is difficult to find a congregation that really meets to worship God in Spirit and in Truth without some other agenda attached to their reason for assembling together. (John 4:23) I am not trying to promote any group or establish any guidelines to sort out who is right and who is wrong. What you will find on this web page are my views on scriptural matters and the things I teach and preach on a regular basis among those I am privileged to serve.

My background and journey to the Truth

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