Prosperity Primitive Baptist Church

The members of Prosperity Primitive Baptist Church meet on the second Sunday of every month. Our services begin at 10:30 followed by "dinner on the grounds".
We welcome all who want to come and worship God in Spirit and Truth.

May 12, 2019

Today at Prosperity Elder Todd preached after prayer by Brother Kermit Gilliard. He said God's People should come as often as they have opportunity to praise God with their whole heart at the appointed time, as the congregation assembles. We can praise God anytime, and we should, but the experience is magnified by coming together with others for the purpose of worshipping God. He was speaking from Psalm 111, and noted that Israel sang the Psalms as they were approaching the tabernacle. It is like us, singing hymns and spiritual songs from the heart to the Lord. It is a spiritual experience that grows as we are lifted up with or attention narrowly focused, and God through the power of the Holy Spirit, manifests Himself among us in prayer and the preaching of the gospel. For a season we are drawn together in remembrance of the wonderful works of God. When Israel was about to enter the land of promise, Moses told them, "He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth…"

They sang as they approached the tabernacle, "The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness." What God does cannot be undone, and it stands forever. The Old English words "verity" and "truth", found in Psalm 111:7, mean the same and are translated from the Hebrew 'emeth, Strong's #H571, however "verity" is not used again until the New Testament in 1 Timothy 2:7 "…(I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;) a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity. Here "truth" and "verity" are translated from the same Greek word al`etheia, Strong"s #G225. The translators of the King James Authorized Bible were proficient in Hebrew, Greek, and English, they believed in the inerrancy of them in the original, and understood the continuity in them depicting the works of God from before creation to the end of time. That being the case, we would expect their use of the word "verity" in this way was to draw our attention to that continuity.

Paul was a preacher and an apostle, meaning he was an "eye witness", although, he was not among the other apostles when Jesus was with them. The Apostles knew there must be twelve of them, and since Judas was no longer with them, they appointed two, Joseph called Barabas and Mattias, then prayed God to choose one of them, for which they cast lots. It is not surprising these two were never heard of afterward. Paul said Jesus was seen of all the Apostles, "And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time." It was not according to the proper time with man's schedule, but God does not adjust His purpose and counsel to man's thinking or schedule. Paul preached Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and men, Who died for the ungodly in due time while they were yet without strength, giving Himself a ransom, to be testified in due time. This was according to the works of God for which the law and prophets gave testimony, until John came preaching, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" and baptizing.

Since then the gospel began to be preached by Jesus, the Apostles, and all that have been called to follow in their footsteps giving witness and testimony of the works of God. The tabernacle of witness, being the embodiment of the truth, because it was made according to the pattern God gave Moses in Mount Sinai. Through grace we are the workmanship of God, created in Christ Jesus unto good works. Responding to our knowledge and understanding of the truth, being led by the Holy Spirit, in obedience, whether reading the scriptures, or hearing the gospel preached, our lives become a pattern of good works as a testimony to the works of His Hands. (Psalm 111:1-8; 1 Timothy 1:15-17; 2:5-7; 3:15-16; Titus 2:7; Deuteronomy 32:4; Hebrews 10:25; Ephesians 5:18-19; Romans 5:6; 1 Corinthians 15:8; Matthew 3:1-3; 4:17, 23; 5:17; 11:13; Acts 1:15-26, 2:23; 3:18-22; 4:33; 5:42; 7:44; Exodus 25:2, 8-9, 40; Hebrews 8:5; Ephesians 2:8-12)

Directions: Travelling from Dothan on Highway 84, keep going into Bainbridge until a sharp left turn takes you North on Highway 97. After approximately 10 miles, you will see a sign on the left pointing to the Church, which can be seen from the highway.
If you are coming from Camilla, leave town on Highway 112 South. Turn right onto Highway 97. After approximately 30 miles, there will be a sign on the right pointing to the church, which can be seen from the highway.

For more information, you may contact the following members:

Elder Walter Todd, Pastor (229) 776-0567

Brother Donald Brock, Deacon (229) 246-6362

Sister Dorothy Jean Morris, Church Clerk (229) 246-1776